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Portrait Sculpture Instruction: Books/CD's/DVD's

Stuart Williamson Teaching Video (DVD)

My friend and Master Sculptor, Stuart Williamson (former lead sculptor for Madam Tussauds of London), has just released his 3 hour and 40 minute, two disk teaching DVD. I am acting as a producer/distributor for sales of this DVD set and will ship the orders from here in Arizona.

(Read Press Release)


Teaching DVD on Portrait sculpture

A complete Guide by Stuart Williamson

Title: From the Inside Out

A structural approach that takes you through the entire process of sculpting the human head. Concentrating on the basics, it is suitable for any level of student - beginners to advanced..

The main goal is to show you how to work with more certainty and to reduce the frustration of re-working and backtracking.

The 220 minute 2-disk DVD set also includes sections on:

  • Modelling and 'focusing' eyes
  • How to achieve plausible fleshy forms
  • Sculpting hair
  • Measuring
  • Materials
  • The use of reference materials
  • Considerations about photography
  • Making a head stand
  • Using and making tools

Secure ordering through  

Before you order, note that all sales are final on electronic media. Returns of opened DVDs and CDs will not be accepted and refunds will not be issued.

Order "From the Inside Out " DVD by Stuart Williamson 

2-Disk DVD Only

(Full color 3 hour, 40 minute DVD video)

$120.00 USD + S&H ($6.50 USA, $27 INT)

Order "Portrait Sculpture Simplified" CD by Heidi Maiers

Plus "From the Inside Out" DVD set by Stuart Williamson  

Package - CD + DVD

(Full color CD plus full color 3 hour, 40 minute DVD video)

$158.00 USD + S&H ($6.50 USA, $27 INT)

Note to UK customers: Please be forwarned that the UK customs department may (inconsistently) apply a VAT tax and additional handling charges to the item once reaching England.


Customer Feedback

"I watched the first DVD of " Portrait Sculpture, from the inside out" yesterday and just finished the second one a few minutes ago. The inherent contents of the DVDs, the unpretentious manner in which Stuart conveys his knowledge on portrait sculpture and his easiness in front of the camera, together with the editing, music and photography make them a delight to watch and an invaluable source of knowledge on the subject. I watched them from start to finish and they were so entertaining and interesting to me that time passed in the blink of an eye."

Snr. Diego Bustillos

" I bought your DVD set very recently, and want to thank you for such a brilliant source of information and inspiration. I love the process of trying to wrest the vital characteristics from the historical evidence - never would have occurred to me had I not watched your demonstration. It is quite thrilling."

Sandy Deane

"A very informative DVD. My wife purchased it for me for my recent birthday and it has really been a great help to me. It has changed the way I approach and think about portraiture".

Matt Springer

"Great video! I watched it all the way through - in one sitting - and loved it.
I have learned quite a few things right away and I'm sure much more will be revealed in time, as I try to follow his best practices".


"Stuart's DVD is a very valuable asset to me. It came at a perfect time in my development because what he shows is how to keep the work fresh".

Tamara Bonet


"The DVD is going to keep me from learning a lot of bad habits.  I love the way Stuart laysay on the clay with such finesse and deliberateness; it is really inspiring.

Michael Gural

"I really enjoyed your DVD; 
I think developing a methodology is important, and your example was inspiring.
I am sure my brain will be firing off from this for some time to come as I work on pieces of my own..
Your finished work is masterful, and the subject matter of Simon Bolivar captured the imagination!"

Jeanette Lewis

Hi, I got my Stuart's DVD and watched it 3 times already. The content is excellent! I'm looking forward to taking one of his courses.

Dr Ivano Ongaro

Im watching your dvd for the 3rd time and loving it as always. Thank you so much for putting your time into this one. Sooo valuable.
Regards from Brazil. Im a huge fan.

Glauco Longhi

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