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Andy Wright 05-07-2005

Beautiful work Heidi.

You truly are a talent, and hopefully you can find more time to devote to producing more works in the near future.

I was feeling a little burnt out from pushing clay around today, but looking through your site has given me a much needed dose of inspiration to get back to work again.

look forward to seeing your new works,

Deon vd Westhuizen 05-05-2005

Hi Heidi
Like you it is hard to be creative and have a family. I know what you mean by being up all night because the piece just draws you in and all is forgotten. I have recently picked up my tools after a long break, and it all because of you. Your talent and beauty that flows from your work has inspired me to new heights. I am going to order your ebook. Thank for sharing your talent with us and I wish you the best for the future. Regards Deon. (ps FANTASTIC)

Christine 04-20-2005

Your sculptures are just Beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration.

Joe and Marlys Boddy 04-07-2005

Nice site.. Great information. We have ordered your guide to castingmethods as we are thinking about doing some ourselves.

Your work is very very nice.

Joe and Marlys Boddy

Jean-Marie Koch 04-01-2005

Heidi: Not only are you a genius with clay, your website talents are fantastic! Is there anything you can't do? I love your beautiful sculptures and someday I hope to meet you and get some one-on-one instruction. Have a beautiful day and I will be referring people to your site.

John Williams 03-28-2005

I'm so amazed by your skill. Thanks for letting me see your work. The demo of your working process was particularly interesting. What patience and tenacity you have.
John Williams.

Denny Karchner 2005-01-29

Hi Heidi. Long time no see. Your site and your work are just outstanding as always. Miss not seeing you on ArtWanted.

I have finally got a new site up and running. If you care to take a look when you get the time.

Take it easy my friend.--Denny ;{

Sophie Howard 2005-01-06

An excellent site, and excellent work too. I will be recommending it to colleagues and students alike.

cd 2005-01-04

Respect for you work and skills. keep it up.

Jim M 2005-01-01

amazing sculptures.

matt cardone 2004-12-11

Not only is your work beautiful but so are you!! The website is great. I'm a sculptor and concept artist for the film industry. I've just graduated from school and putting together a body of work. Thanks for the inspirations and tips for sculpting.

Marie Kelleher-Roy 2004-12-10

Love your book. I am interested in a short course on portraits in the Scottsdale or western US area. Do you have a recommendation? There were a couple listed on the web for Scottsdale Art. Thank you.

Oscar 2004-12-08

Youuuuuuuuuuuu arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee ammmmmmaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzziiiiiiiinngg!!!!!! let's get married?  hey i really love your work. I also like the fact that u have original pictures of your models next to your sculptures. It makes your work even more impressive. Your mom's work is also very beautiful. I like her use of vibrant color.

Sony 2004-11-30

hi heidi,

your site and the information you are providing to us is soooooo ... WOW!
im in love with your works and i hope ill be able to pull of some casts in the near future based on the info you put up here. thanks so much!

Donne Lee Green 2004-11-17

Excellent site. I am looking forward to visiting it often for tips and direction.
Thanks you

David Partch 2004-11-02

Heidi, I love your web site. However, I'm not doing much sculpting while here. I've visited and was surprised to see how few sculptors are listed. Thanks, Davee 

Oscar Hernandez 2004-09-30

Thanks for your help, Still I doubt that I can find some one as talented as you.
Your works of art look so alive !
My total respect and admiration for you. 

Bill Langendorf 2004-07-02

Just received your book Portrait Sculpture Simplified and to say it is fantastic is an understatement. have printed the first five chapters and already made three armitures. look forward to completing the first clay piece.PLEASE ADVISE WHEN EVER AN UP DATE IS AVAIL. THANKS AGAIN

Phyllis Walker 2004-09-01

I am quite impressed with the dog sculptures. Phil and I were your neighbors in Lancaster. We hade four boxers and they still are my favorite dogs. Keep up the good work. You always were a talented kid!

Doug Oliver - 2004-09-01

Heidi, Your site is great! Nice job and very professional. Hope things are going better in the art sales department. They sure are getting better for me lately. Keep up the good works!

Cate - 2004-08-20 01:33:10

Great work. Very different, very unique. Was looking for unique items for my wedding website when I ran across your site. Your work truly is personal, long standing and gorgeous.

Richard Huante - 2004-08-03 18:22:14

Incredible work, Heidi. As I also live in the Valley, I hope to meet you soon (and see your pieces in person!).

Dale Craiger - 2004-07-19 17:28:42

I paint portraits and do some graphic work. Your scultures are unbelieveable! I watched your demostrations and did not realize it was so involved. I have tried some reliefs years ago without much success. You are truely fortunate to have discovered the talent that God has blessed you with.

Kevin Johnson - 2004-06-23 17:05:21

I would just like to say that your work is wonderful! I am very glad that I stumbled onto your site when I did. I check back on a regular basis looking forward to your updates. I also just purchased your first two online lessons and they are Great!! I can't wait to apply your knowledge onto one of my sculpts. Thank-you

Riaz - 2004-06-10 23:23:48

I really appreciate your work you have perfection in your work, I must say that you name counts in the list of the world finest

Pamela Turner - 2004-05-27 16:36:04

I look forward to assisting you in marketing and selling your instructional eBook.


Jake - 2004-05-18 06:46:16

I just came across your website, came across you on wetcanvas. I must say your work is OUTSTANDING!!!

Bob Prest - 2004-05-05 01:59:22

Great website and the work is as I would have expected outstanding. See you Saturday


Jim D'Angelo - 2004-05-04 18:26:58

Saw your website for the first time and am very impressed. Lovely work. I'm an old man of 49 who just may be inspired now to finally get back to sculpture. Continued success to you.

Vickie - 2004-04-29 19:30:15

I bought your How-to eBook. I love it! as well as your great work.

Garth Herrick - 2004-04-29 19:26:45

I was closest to fame 15 years ago when I sculpted the the life size maquette for the worlds largest bronze horse after Leonardo da Vinci.

I have my first terracotta portrait sculpture which is vaguely inspired by the works of Houdon, on display in the "Introduce Yourself" forum. Being the first time it was a nightmare to hollow out and fire.

You have a very nice website. If I get the nerve to make another sculpture, I may be interested in you Ebook.



Robert Symons - 2004-04-29 19:25:16

There is a new development being planned for the North sector of Las Vegas in which over a hundred high end homes will be built. The developers are extremely family oriented and, therefore, want many bronze (or other materials) sculptings depicting children at play and families. I will be in charge of the creative aspects of this project as well as others they have in mind.

You have a very delightful touch to your work which I feel must be incorporated in the project's ultimate presentation. I have built a complete theme park before and have employed many of the nation's top sculptors and I recognize fine talent when I see it! Please contact me.

Ryan Wollard - 2004-04-29 19:22:23

Great site, you are very talented. Do you sculpt freehand or make a mold? I don't have a lot of experience in your medium. I used to sculpt stone, but haven't been able to (due to lack of work space) for several years. To make up for it, I started painting. Check out my site at

Good luck,

Ryan Wollard

Name: Steve Beck (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 29 18:08:13 2003
Comment: Fascinating work!

Name: Patrick Voyles (Homepage)
Country: US Date: Fri Sep 5 01:17:26 2003
Comment: Your work is fantastic.!!!.the best I have seen...on the web...beleieve me I have seen it all.. What you have is a great gift and talent..I also am a Sculptor I have a BFA from the KCAI in KansasCity Mo. I wish you the best in your on going work and look forward to when your e-book comes out please put me on you list.

Name: marielle couture (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Tue Sep 2 18:39:20 2003
Comment: You making a wonderful work...... Have a good day Marielle

Name: Dave Riley (Homepage)
Country: Australia Date: Tue Aug 12 06:52:02 2003
Comment: I appreciate the site and delighted in the sculptures. I endorse any attempt to utilise the web to freely offer and exchange information. I am moving up from mask making (as in face masks) to sculpting the figure and portraits after doing puppet making. To make a head happen is easy but to reprise a particular living being is so very hard to do. So I gotta work through what I know, what I think I know, and what I need to know. When I look at sites like this I recognise that the primary challeng

Name: Rhonda Harman (Homepage)
Country: HERE Date: Sun Aug 3 15:35:46 2003
Comment: I hope you received my email already. Write back if you like!

Name: Josef Sy (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Sun Aug 3 14:31:23 2003
Comment: Great wonderful Work! I really enjoyed the bronze cast demo. Very inspiring.

Name: Doug Oliver (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 1 17:50:16 2003
Comment: Hi Heidi, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your latest work and hope things are going well! Keep up the fantastic artwork! All the best, Doug

Name: Lynn T. McCallum (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 1 00:07:57 2003
Comment: Great Work! You go girl!

Name: Bob Willis (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sun Jun 29 02:39:16 2003
Comment: Heidi, Wonderful work, great portrait work, and the finishes are beautiful. Keep up the great work. Bob

Name: Jim D'Angelo (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri Jun 6 21:06:05 2003
Comment: I just saw your website and love your work. I'm interested in learning more about your portrait sculpture and upcoming instructions. Thank you.

Name: john turner (Homepage)
Country: Australia Date: Wed Apr 9 13:27:48 2003
Comment: What a breath of fresh air your sculptures are. The realism is something I havent seen in a long time. I'll pass on your site to those who will appreciate it regards John

Name: Glenn Hixson (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sun Mar 16 08:08:32 2003
Comment: I loved the Danes, they are wonderful. I will let my dane group know about this site.

Name: Jinggoy Salcedo (Homepage)
Country: Philippines Date: Wed Mar 5 10:50:11 2003
Comment: Thanks for answering my email. and hope to hear from you more about portrait sculpture...Thank you so much...

Name: Brian Brooks (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Mar 3 09:21:52 2003
Comment: Long time no see Aunt Heidi! My mom was not kidding when she told me how great your website looks. I only wish I could have inherited some of the artistic talent on my pops side of the family! Take care and I hope all is well.

Name: Laurel (Homepage)
Country:USA Date: Sun Mar 2 17:13:48 2003
Comment: looking good girl! needed to catch up on your work, and was at the PC this morning... thinking of you L

Name: Joanne Merrick Johnson (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Feb 6 21:58:11 2003
Comment: I admire your work so much. I hope some day to be as good. I have gotten a late start but with art you can go on doing it up until the end. Viewing your work has inspired and encouraged me very much. Do you do workshops?

Name: Tony Brow (Homepage)
Country: Australia Date: Sun Feb 2 23:19:55 2003
Comment: Well, mylady, what can I say. I was druling at the mouth(almost) when I saw the likeness between photos and the scultures of heads in clay. I have tried to do some caricatures from pictures on the web, but I can never get the expressions in the eyes correct. I really admire your giftedness. I have bookmarked your site and will tell the members in our pottery club of your homepage.

Name: Dennis Danner (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 16 11:58:34 2003
Comment: I'm sure you've heard it before, but, "Wow!" I've never sculpted humans, but do wildlife sculpture and hope to be experimenting with ceramic clays soon. Your site demos were very helpful. I'd love to exchange a few e-mails sometime. You've also done a wonderful job with your Web pages. I truly enjoyed my visit. All the best, Dennis Danner/Danner Studios

Name: Lilly (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 16 05:51:43 2003
Comment: I just love your work! Keep it up! Nice job!

Name: sherman (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 29 19:08:36 2002
Comment: nice site and great looking work. have this on my wish list...sculpture of ...

Name: Sam Jones (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 18 02:28:02 2002
Comment: Hi, I'm an artist and jeweler in houston and I've tried my hand at a couple of clay portraits in the past two years. I enjoyed looking at your work and your website.It's all very informative and inspiring. Sam.

Name: Maarten Van Schie (Homepage)
Country: New Zealand Date: Thu Oct 24 08:22:35 2002
Comment: very interesting

Name: Gregory Reade (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 9 00:08:34 2002
Comment: Hi! Great web site and sculpture. Edna Moore is a friend of my Mom Carol, and they pointed me to your site. (I'm just starting to give sculpture a go as a profession.) Great pictures and samples of your work! I'm still building my portfolio, but am working on a 1.5 life size portrait right now. Take care, Gregory

Name: Carl and Sylva Strain (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 7 02:28:12 2002
Comment: We enjoyed your Galleries!!! Hope to see in Scottsdale the weekend of October 18-20.

Name: A,R.Pooljee (Homepage)
Country: pakistan Date: Sun Aug 25 05:26:23 2002
Comment: Your are great artist.Are you make my portrait sculpture? BEST OF LUCK

Name: Heidi  Miller(Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 12 01:36:55 2002
Comment: Your work is very beautiful. I teacher art at Quartz Hill High School and was quite surprised to read that you are fro Lancaster. How inspiring this will be when I share your work with my students this year. Continue to bring such beauty into this world.

Name: A,R.Pooljee (Homepage)
Country: pakistan Date: Wed Jul 24 05:04:18 2002
Comment: i saw your wib site your are telented girl. i am clay portait sculptur artist. i am making our art website.

Name: Ralph Lopez (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 27 20:09:22 2002

Name: Toni (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 27 20:08:31 2002
Comment: Hi Heidi Your mother asked me to look in on "you". WOW is all I can say. She's sure proud of you & know I get a glimpse of why. Best Wishes, Toni Newport, OR 5/9/2002

Name: Doug Oliver (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 27 20:06:04 2002
Comment: Heidi - We both started with our love of art back in Lancaster, CA., and here we are today, doing this crazy, wonderful art stuff - and both ending up in beautiful Arizona too! Keep up the great work! Prescott, AZ 3/19/2002

Name: Jean Barker (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 27 20:04:46 2002
Comment: Great work, Heidi. Congratulations! Jean B. 3/18/2002

Name: Phyllis Walker (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 27 20:03:54 2002
Comment: Hi Heidi, I remember you from Lancaster days.Both Betty and Frank sang in the Methodist Church Choir which I diredted for 8 years. Do you remember Doug Oliver, he is a succesful artist and lives in Prescott, AZ It is great to know you are so successful. Palm Springs, CA

Name: Jo (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 25 20:03:06 2002
Comment: Nice Heidi!!! One problem forgot to mention your wonderful sister in the "about artist" section! If you only mention artist people, well, I am lately trying out a trade. (my photos) I will send you a couple samples in regular e mail. Talk soon!!! Newport, OR

Name: Branco Reic (Homepage)
Country: Split Croatia Date: Thu Nov 19 20:02:15 2001
Comment: Salute to a long and prosperous art career!

Name: Rodrigo Lobo (Homepage)
Country: Brazil Date: Thu Jan 27 20:00:34 2002
Comment: Very unique. I`m impressed. I`m a painter and respct very much sculptors, and I see that there is much much art in your works. Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Name: Ted and Jan Lassagne (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 01 19:59:22 2001
Comment: Heidi, your work is very impressive. We're long time friends of your folks, and your very proud mom is letting everyone know about your site. We wish you much success. Napa, CA USA

Name: Pat Gallagher (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 17 19:58:04 2001
Comment: Hello Ms Maiers. It isn't fair. You are so talented and I was born with no talent whatsoever. I can't believe how you can take a pile of clay and turn it into an exact replica of a human. I bet your parents are very proud of you. Oceanside,, CA 7/31/2001

Name: Loren Balthazar (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 7 19:56:54 2001
Comment: Your work is totally awesome. Suzie and I have anxiously observed the entirety of your site. While the pictures of your talents are overwhelming, they serve no justice to the intimacy your scultures embrace in their true existence. Mesa, AZ 7/28/2001

Name: Myron Sullivan (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu July 30 19:55:45 2001
Comment: Your work is wonderful! Carry on... Phoenix, AZ 7/27/2001

Name: Bill and Ann Archer (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu July 29 19:54:20 2001
Comment: Heidi... As always, we are impressed with your work. Enjoyed the site! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon! Portland, OR 7/26/2001


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