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Click here if you would like to request a quote for a custom made portrait

Ceramic or bronze sculpture

Sculpture can be ordered in plated or glazed ceramic, in lost wax cast bronze, or in cast granite. The main differences between these three mediums is that ceramic produces a one of a kind sculpture that is breakable. Cast granite is a hard material (used to make high end counter tops) and is very sturdy, although it can break if dropped. Cast bronze is considerably more expensive to produce and results in a virtually indestructible sculpture of molten metal.

Additional copies can be made at a substantially reduced cost since the modeling and moldmaking for these will have already been done for the first copy. You may also order additional granite copies (for your office perhaps, or to give as gifts) of a piece that was molded for bronze.

Prices for custom work vary greatly (from $2,500 to $50,000+) and will increase with size (available from 1/3 to 2X scale (30 - 200%)), material (ceramic, cold cast, or bronze) and complexity. Inclusions can consist of head and neck, upper chest, torso, full body, two individuals in one piece, or the inclusion of a pet, doll, or piece of furniture.

Hardwood bases are standard, but marble, granite, or rotating bases can be ordered. Dog portraits are available as well and price will depend on material, size, complexity, and inclusions.

Feel free to contact me to discuss and receive a detailed quote for your most ambitious project.

Payment Info:
I request a 1/3 initial deposit (non-refundable) to begin, 1/3 upon approval of the clay model, and the final 1/3 at the time the piece is ready to ship or hand deliver (local clients). During the creation process, I'll send digital photos for your review and approval and I will not send a piece to be cast until I obtain approval from you to do so.

Note: There is currently a waiting list to begin any new commissions.

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