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Testimonials and client feedback

"Oh my, oh my, dear Heidi! After waiting for so long I was able to open your carton. Yesterday was Christmas Day so my mother and I were able to meet 'Margaret Anne' for the first time. Your work is wonderful, absolutely beautiful. I'm so impressed. My 88 year old mother looked at her and started to cry. It was such an emotional time and I can't thank you enough for the care and trouble you went to in making her perfect in every detail. I just love her, and so does my mother - we all do. Over the last year Michael forwarded emails of her evolution, but still I was overcome seeing her sitting before my eyes. You've done a fantastic job. It's more than ever expected. Throughout the day I had to keep going back to have another look. Michael took lots of photos as I unpacked the box and there she was! That first look took my breath away. This person was real once and died so tragically young, now she will live forever thanks to your talent and Michael's interest in the first place.

For now she has been placed a coffee table in front of a low window looking out onto our garden. The table is a slab of bush wood smoothed to a silken-touch. There she sits with her melancholy thoughts - I think the expression is perfect given her history. It's hard to believe this is the result from one faded old photo. It's just brilliant and I thank-you so much.

Now I'm going to have another look - probably my 100th!."

Margaret - Australia


" I just opened the box with the bust of my mom and I love it. You captured her so perfectly that I just have to have it done life-size also... I will take the small bronze one to my beach house. I can't tell you how impressed I am with what you do with your hands - it is miraculous -  absolutely unbelievable. It is just as if my mom were in the room with me... Thank you so much..."

Allan, New York, NY

Dear Heidi,

The sculptures arrived yesterday, and we are so pleased. They turned out beautifully, and are an amazing likeness of my daughter. Thank you so much for creating such beautiful artwork that I know we'll treasure for years. You're an amazing artist.

Thanks again, Heidi for a job well done. The sculptures way exceeded my expectations, and I couldn't be happier.

Jim Johnson, Florida

I just returned from vacation and got to see the bust.  I absolutely love it.  Sometimes online purchases turn out to be disappointing but this is even better in person.  Your packing job was the best I've seen  and so speedy!!  Thanks so much, I'll really treasure it. 

Yours, Arlene Lombardo, New York, NY

Heidi was a dream to work with and did a fabulous job creating my site. No matter how many changes and suggestions I sent her way, she cheerfully worked with me to give me just what I wanted. She has infinite patients and had my site up and running in just a couple of weeks. I highly recommend her.

Jean-Marie Chapman, Lake Oswego, OR

I LOVE IT, GREAT WORK, simply beautiful. I think is great to have this result. I feel very comfortable that  you allowed me to give my opinions and my point of views . Most of the time other artists they just do whatever they want to do and you can see the results in their busts.

Client, South America

Heidi, just wanted to let you know the sculpture (The Bather) arrived today in perfect condition.  She is absolutely fabulous.  I love it that she is solid and that there is a considerable weight to the whole piece.  I'll cherish it forever.  Thanks again Heidi,

Pete D., Indianapolis, IN

Just wanted to let you know that George LOVES the Rookie bust and thinks it's beautiful.  He has mentioned it to me several times, and this is really quite unlike him to "gush" over anything.  He has also let some of his fellow Ridgeback owner friends know about it so hopefully you can sell the rest of the series.  Now, I'm excited to find something else to be sculpted and bronzed.  I really can't thank you enough for all your hard work, patience, and talent!!  Hats off...

 Eva Lang, Las Vegas, NV

Tazz arrived on Thursday, and we couldn't be happier.  She is wonderful, thank you so very, very much.

J.W.Madison, WI

I am one of the most difficult people to please that I know. Ask my wife. Rarely does anything impress me because I either know I can do it or I know I can get close enough to it that its no big deal. I have been trying to get someone to make a miniature head for me for about 3 years. You are very, very good, and the others I have received are like previous efforts, totally unacceptable. But you are the only one who when I opened the box I went "wow".

DR DesignMinden, NV

Dear Heidi:

Wow!  When the package arrived in perfect condition today, I was so excited ... but that didn't compare to the excitement that I felt once I opened the wooden box and got my first glimpse of the bust!  You did an outstanding job ... even better that I could've hoped for!  And please tell Mr. Maiers that the wooden base is beautifully crafted.  (In fact, I also like the wooden box he made so much, I am saving it to use over and over for hauling fragile items).  I know that you worked very hard on this artwork, and I want to assure you that I appreciate your work, and that the bust will always have a prominent place at either my home or office throughout my life.  Thank you for accepting my commission, and thank you for the professional and courteous service that you provided throughout this project.  I look forward to recommending you to others who are seeking a sculptor.  Thank you again and God bless!

Your friend,

Billy McFarland
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

My wife and I are both thrilled with Sara. We'll have to find just the right place for her to show her off. 

Robert H. Phoenix, AZ


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