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Portrait Sculpture Instruction: Books/CD's/DVD's

Portrait Sculpture Simplified (Book/CD/Download) by Heidi Maiers  

Simplified, consistent, and reliable methods
for creating portrait sculpture in half the time.

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Instructional DVD Video now available - click here for order details

e-book is available!

****  Version 1.2 released 3/01/06  Now available in BW PRINT ****
210 (81/2" x 11") pages, 406 color photographs (CD version or download)


In response to overwhelming requests for instruction, tips and advice, I am pleased to announce the first edition of my e-book, Portrait Sculpture Simplified. A sincere thank you to everyone who has inspired me in this endeavor.

Version 1.2 is now available both on CD as a full color PDF format ebook and as a Black & White paperback. *NEW* Now also available as an instand download. See details below.

Portrait Sculpture Simplified is a complete instructional course encompassing all of the tips, techniques, and tricks I've learned over the past 20 years through both formal academic instruction and practical trial and error. You will save countless hours of frustration and "learning curve" because I have already been through the process and will guide you toward the most simplified, effective techniques. In numerous areas I have included valuable information that has never been taught in school or found in print.

Here are just some of the topics covered:

Materials - what you need to know to get started

Proportions - rules to look for in every head

Modeling - rules and step by step demonstrations of each feature

Drying and Firing - how to prepare for firing, bisque and glaze

Patinas - several step by step demonstrations for ceramic and bonded bronze

Mold Making - silicone rubber flexible molds and rigid molds

Casting - in bonded bronze and other materials

Base Making and Mounting - make a base, mount, and photograph your finished piece

Preview Sample Pages and Table of Contents

The techniques I've developed over the years produce consistent and reliable results in half the time it would take if using traditional methods. Some of the detailed, time-saving steps described are:


Portraits in Clay
Make complex armature Make simple armature
Model subject Model subject
Cut head off of armature Slide head off of armature
Hollow out head **Not needed**
Reassemble head **Not needed**
Repair seam **Not needed**
Air dry 4-6 weeks, no test/guarantee of dryness Steam dry in 2-3 weeks, bone dry test/ guarantee
Fire over 24 hour period hoping it doesn't explode Fire over 48 hour period with confidence
Repair cracks and breaks **Usually not needed**
Apply patina - limited to paints and waxes, can't be re-fired Apply any patina, including using glazes and re-firing
Awkward to mount on base Easy to mount on base

**Denotes a cumbersome step that is virtually eliminated

Important: In order to view this e- book once the CD arrives, you will need to have a PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Brava! Reader, installed on your machine. You can download the latest version of this free viewer at any time if you don't already have a PDF reader  installed:


Adobe Note: If you already have Adobe Reader installed on your system, check the version number by viewing the Help/About Adobe screen. You must have version 5 or higher to view this document. If you have an older version, uninstall the old version through your Window's Control Panel "Add or Remove Programs" icon and then install the current version from the Adobe link above. Once the new version is installed, click the new Adobe Reader shortcut that should now display on your desktop to verify the program launches successfully. If you don't have a PDF document to test, I've included this Test Page.pdf document below. Simply click this link and unpack this small document to a folder on your system. Once installed, browse to that folder and click on the document to launch it in Adobe Reader. 

Notes for MAC users: The autorun feature of the CD is a Windows feature and does not work with MAC operating systems. To launch the ebook, simply insert the CD into your CD-ROM and browse to the files contained on the CD directory. Click on PortraitSculptureSimplified.pdf to launch the book in Adobe Reader for the MAC platform.

Available in English only. I apologize, but all sales are final. CD's and CD/Book packages will ship within 3 days of receiving your order. Please select an option below - download ebook, CD only, Book and CD package, or Book only

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$36.00 USD

CD Only

(Full color e-book on CD )

$39.95 USD + S&H ($4 USA, $15 INT)

Package - CD and Book

(Full color e-book on CD plus 8.5 x 11 spiral bound softcover black and white book)

$54.95 + S&H ($6.50 USA, $37 INT)

Printed Book Only

(8.5 x 11 spiral bound softcover - black and white)

Note: You can order the book by itself directly from the publisher, in any quantity. However, this option is not highly recommended since the book loses a lot without the color - particularly the patina chapter. Also, it's a little pricy through them.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

$47.46 + S&H

USA and International orders

Also, you may purchase the book from the book section of my Online Web Store


Stuart Williamson DVD - Click for details


This ebook is protected by copyright laws ©2003-2018 Heidi Maiers : Please do not distribute illegal copies

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Customer Feedback/Reviews


Stuart Williamson Instructional DVD VIDEO available - click here for order details


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